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Dinosaurs Man’s Best Friend?

Posted by Brandon | Filed under Humor

I have decided where I am going on my next vacation: Petersburg, Kentucky. What’s in Petersburg you ask? Why the brand new (2007 really) creationist museum!

This has to be the most fantastic of all museums. Ken Ham has created a museum that teaches young earth creationism, which is the uhh *cough* theory *cough* that the all life on earth started between six and ten thousand years ago. Anyone who’s taken an elementary science class will laugh at this, but I digress.

Now, when I first heard about this museum, I wasn’t too angry. I thought that it would teach about baby Jesus and the like. Throw in some Adam and Eve and mix in a little bit of resurrection talk for good measure. But oh no, they take it a step (leap) too far.

They teach that humans and dinosaurs were alive during the same period of time and that the T-Rex didn’t eat meat until Adam had committed the original sin. Man oh man, this makes me want to tear my eyeballs out. There’s so much scientific data that the earth is 4.54 billion years old, but all of that is lost in the futile attempts at the religious to try and justify their false beliefs.

To prove these awesome theories they try and use science. But unfortunately a spoonful of pseudo-science doesn’t help this reasoning go down. And yes, I used a horrible Mary Poppins reference. Here’s a good BBC clip on a museum that only America could produce. Enjoy:

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