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Banana Proves God’s Existence

Posted by Brandon | Filed under Humor

I have to say this is my favorite video on the proof of God. These two guys, Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, tour the road and use this demonstration to prove God’s existence. I have to rate this video #1 on the internet. It’s fantastic.

On a more serious note: Wild bananas don’t really look like this. They are much more difficult to open and have giant seeds inside of them. The bananas we see in the store today were genetically engineered by people to be more convienent. But all of this is irrelvant because what about other fruits like a coconut? Has anyone ever tried to open a coconut? I beat the crap out of one once and stabbed at it for 30 minutes.

I’ll also post this other video which is allegedly another “Atheist’s Nightmare”, which shows how very little Christians understand evolution.

This second video is so retarded that it’s hard for me to put into words how I feel. This ‘experiment’ with the peanut butter is silly. There was not (to the best of my knowledge) peanut butter when life began. It is true that scientists are not sure exactly how life came about but this does not mean we will never know. It’s easy to say “Well, God made everything!” but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are correct. The chance of life forming was probably very slim. And the specific conditions are currently unknown but nobody thinks life can spring from peanut butter. That’s horrible science and these guys need to really think before they make videos.

The moral of the story: Yes, bananas are so well adjusted for humans that there absolutely must be an all-knowing and kindly God looking down on us and answering our prayers. And that hey, if life can’t come from peanut butter then evolution must be false. Kudos religious people, you win again.

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