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Creationist’s Toolbox #1 – “Descendent’s From Apes”

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I have added a new category to my posts that will alleviate some of the common tensions during religious debate. I name it the “Creationist’s Toolbox”. These will be short articles that are an olive branch from me to the fundamentalist community to save them from embarrassment when they are debating. These are in no way meant to be conceited but simply give Christians (and other theologies) a fighting chance since reason and debate are at the core of the human experience. I know that plenty of theists know these things but these “toolboxes” are not for you. They are for those whose only source of information is from their church or community and have warped ideas that end up embarrassing them in public and ruining any further credibility they had. Let us begin with number 1:

It’s a heated debate, the atheist is throwing everything they have at you. Evolution, radiometric dating, continental drift, natural selection! Shit! You’re getting flustered; how will you cope? In a moment of self-preservation you say with desperation “If we came from chimpanzee’s, why are there still chimps around?” Oh no, the atheist has his head in his hands and is mocking you. Now nothing you say will be taken seriously, even if it has a legitimate point.

You must not fall into this ever so common trap of scientific fallacy. Also, don’t you think all these scientists would have pondered this issue by now? That’s beside the point though. Evolution in no way implies that we “come from chimps” or that we “come from apes”. This is a fundamental misunderstanding of evolution. What the evidence for evolution reveals is a common ancestor. That is, there is a common ancestor between chimpanzee’s and humans that split off during natural selection; one becoming modern day chimps and the other homo sapiens. Everything in nature has a cousin in the hierarchical evolutionary tree. The video at the bottom of this article is from evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins explaining this exact point visually and concisely.

That completes toolbox #1. Good luck with your debates!

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